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So i am looking around the house, well, more like searching, for the chord so i can go online. And i look through the least likely spots, such as inside of coats and shoes and drawers, things of the sort. And i look through the storage things underneath the bed wondering where on earth this chord could be. And finally i think, its too easy but i'll check underneath the mattress and see if it is there. Sure enough the first thing i feel is this chord. i know my parents bedroom inside and out now. I am too nosy sometimes. I feel as if i am addicted to the internet because i won't stop looking for the chord, lol. I like the xcitement factor i guess... but they are bad at hiding things. It only took me an evenning.
I am becoming sick which is never any good. I have a competition at CSUF all day saturday, a concert with my orchestra at UCI on monday, and then an honor band concert on tuesday. Always comes at the most inopportune time. I have to continue with the rotary competition i am being told, i have disliked competitions from an early age but i am not going to say that because if i get far enough in the competition i get a load of money. I am talking like a grand for the winner. Think of all the cd's i would buy...haha, so wouldn't happen. Also, Berklee is going to be out here in a month and i am going to audition just so i can see if they would offer me a scholarship up front. The results of this shall be interesting. If i was to go there i would probably end up majoring in something completely different. have i mentioned before that you can major in turn tables there?? i mean, sheesh, if i could do that i would. sad. but so true. And i also have to remember to contact San Francisco conservatory about summer stuff, they seemed interested in me last time i called.
Nothing else is really going on right now. Things are a little hectic, but i am so use to that. Everyone seems to be sick. Including jana, get well! I have a lot of things on my mind and things i would like to say, but for a lot of reasons i am staying quiet. Very quiet. I have just been sitting back laughing at everything. People, the media, lj. Especially the socal_indie community as of late. Something is just so funny about them all bashing on one another over what is considered indie, and, just a lot of stuff in general...most of them are such intelligent people, i don't see why they do it. But what do you expect when you get a bunch of people from LA in one community, really? We can't have a nice scene or music community, we have to all be judgemental asses to one another. Not all of us, but a lot of us. Its stupid. I missed the DCFC show as i figured i would. I really wanted to see Velvet Teen, i have been reading a lot about them lately. And i still haven't purchased the faint or bright eyes tickets... i know they have to be sold out. they have to be. *tears(sss)* The guy in my orchestra is going to see Nada Surf, i just learned he is a godspeed you... fan, i had no clue. i hate how i can only go to shows on the weekend, basicaly friday and saturday. Just one more year man, one more.
More than enough blabber from me. Have a nice week all.
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