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A quick update right now won't kill me. I just got out of a damn near 4 hour rehearsal, i am so chopped. I have my concert at UCI tomorrow night, too soon i say. We are playing Tchaikovsky's 4th symphony, the Grieg Piano Concerto, and a part of Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld. Next "season" we get to play Dvorak's New World Symphony *drools in anticipation* I have played so many classic orchestra pieces this year, its pretty kool.
When i went into Fullerton with the band yesterday for the festival it was raining so hard, i loved it. Probably because i was actually prepared and had an umbrella. haha. The group played pretty well, or, at least i felt i did. It turned out there was a bassoon masterclass later on in the day and i was the only one who showed up. It was just me and the teacher who was a girl who is doing graduate work at USC after doing her undergrad at CSUF. It was pretty kool cause we just did some duet's and talked about reed's and performance, dorky bassoon stuff. There were a few people in there listening to us and they said they couldn't believe i was a junior. I blushed, haha, it was a nice compliment. But now i have a way to get lessons at USC. But i am being told that i could get a full ride to CSUF and be given special attention and all (*special attention as in the conductor being partciularly nice to me so as to keep me there), but i am not sure still. I am shopping around i will say, i am not selling myself cheap. Haha, i sound so unbelievably conceited right now, and perhaps i am at the moment. I feel confident for once, i don't see much wrong with that.
On a side note i suppose, i held a boys hand a small portion of the way home and then was told that "your a really really hot girl, but, ummm, i like other girls". I am so damn use to that line, i am sick of it. People always make excuses with me and its stupid. All guys ever are for me is a let down. Its not like i would ever ask for any sort of commitment. Just someone to sit and talk with... i am not the overly public "i am with this person and i'll proove it"sort of girl. Maybe i scare boys, it seems like i do. And i ask what do i do wrong other than be myself. Jesus. The dating world is not ready for me. hahaha. I only have my music to make me feel better these days, everything else is literally shit.
I have seen some stupid people around here lately, or should i say idiots?? Last night i was driving up to del taco and there is a mini van driving along behind me with no head lights on. I mean, sheesh, what do you have to be on to drive without your head lights on?? Really?? The other evening some lady was driving in the middle of two lanes because she couldn't decide which one to stay in, she practically hit me because she finally went into the right lane and then decided to not see me in the left?? Stupid old people. Seriously. I did see the cutest little emo couple down town all geared up with their hoodies and converse. Sniffles. They were adorable and tiny with glasses and scragily hair (that wasn't dyed black). I normally don't catagorize music goers but they were definitely emo. I saw a lot of weird musician couples when i was at the festivals, inter-band relationships are quite humorous.
Anyways, i doubt i will have a chance to update until wednsday. Tomorrow is the "decision day" i guess, but i am not going to have a chance to watch the news at all so i really won't know until tuesday, if even then. They were talking about it non stop in npr tonight and i had to turn it off and listen to death cab for cutie, i couldn't stand hearing about the situation. Off to the simpsons for the 4th time tonight, Fox actually made a good move giving them 2 hours this evening. Stay safe everyone.
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