the silhouette the face always turned away (tofutoes) wrote,
the silhouette the face always turned away

So i embarked on a little hike this afternoon with my dog and camera to get away. I went and got vegan food from natures rx and then totally ruined it by scarfing down some choclate malted crunch ice cream. After i finish off this carton i am going to go back to being a vegan for a little while. Maybe it will help me feel in control of something since i can't control anything else.
I was watching the academy awards since fox sunday was canceled for stupid jurassic park. Michael Moore involved with Bowling for Columbine totally rocked, calling Bush ficticious. Susan Sarandon flashed a quick peace sign, she is too big a name to do something extreme at such a prestigious event. Adrien Brody (sp) won best actor for The Pianist (which i have yet to see) and i appreciated his wish for a quick and peaceful solution to the war. That is all i really saw of the awards because i started watching them late and left early to order some music. But i was appaled by Eminem getting best song. jesus. So little taste.
Anyways. Ta ta.
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