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I discovered 1 click order today on Amazon, that is probably not a very good thing. But it is a good thing because i never see the bill. It is a potentially bad thing because there is always the possibility of me getting in trouble for being sneaky. Oh well. Either way i have Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I see this as a win win situation.
Last night i was at an Inamorata practice. I almost felt foreign there at first, it had been too long since we last had a practice. But then this comforting feeling comes over you and you know where you belong. <3. Why do i love music so much? Me oh my. I really need to practice guitar more often, my fingers are hurting today, i have no excuse for this. I also had a lesson with my bassoon teacher, it seems likely that i will purchase her bassoon in the next year. That means i will be short 15 grand, haha, more like my parents will. Why are my passions always so damn expensive? Reminds me, i am trying to think of what my next big purchase shall be. I am finally thinking that i want an amp, that way i can experiment with sound on my own time. But i am also seriously considering investing in a new guitar, this washburn is giving me problems up on the higher strings in terms of volume, its indecisive and stubborn like me. I am sure Whitney could help me out with the decision, she and i are planning on going to black market music sometime in the future when we acquire the funds.
Right now, well, it is very windy out. Its a pleasant surprise because this morning i walked outside when i first woke up--as usual-- and realized it was too hot to wear a jacket if even for a short time (like 2 hours). I dislike the warm weather, it makes me wish that humans could hybernate in the summer when it is too hot like animals do in the winter. I also figured that way the two species don't run into each other as often and therefore one would not have to prove its power over the other. Haha. Sorry, got way off track there. In short, its getting hot out and it is so not cool.
As of now, the tour to Denmark, Sweden, and Scotland is still on. And it sure as hell better not be canceled, because they would have a very disgruntled concert goer in their hands. A lot of shows are going on while i am gone... i am even missing Bright Eyes while i am still here for a few reasons, *tear*. And if i get news that after sacrifices have been made i am no longer able to get this trip over with, someone is going to get a bassoon reed jammed in their throat, because so many shows will be sold out by then if they are not sold out already. God damn war. Grrrr. Btw, this is the 5th day i haven't watched the news (because all it is is war coverage). I am proud of myself, :)
That is all i suppose...its quiet in my journal these days. Its like no one reads anymore. Oh well. Stay safe all.
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