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I had the inexplainable urge to take a look at this old thing and start writing a entry here and there in it. I haven't updated this one for a good 4 months, and I figure now is the time to break that run.
I haven't been up to far too much. Inamorata ended and Sam and I have now started a new band which I like a lot more, I don't have as many bad feelings about this band as I did the last. I recently got a new bassoon and there is still the possibility of me going off to conservatory if I choose. Oh, and I am now an Aunt, my sister had a baby on the 4th of July, how great is that? The valley has been pretty quiet as usual, and therefore I have been pretty bored. But I have been going to shows on a much more regular basis than before. I am going to ATP too, which I am very excited about. And, well, I am sure there are other things I could mention, but I don't really have the time to right now. Sorry if you are a friend of my new journal and have to read double posts from me. Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. <3.
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