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tofutoes's Journal

the silhouette the face always turned away
24 February
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You'll notice I am a rather wordy person. So if you want to figure out who I am or what I am about, you sure have a lot of reading to do. I will give you the basics though.

-Musician: Mostly classical and some contemporary, but hoping to eventually go into music engineering and production.
-Semi artist: Have a liking of photography, design, mosaic, paint and other such arts.
-Words: Written or spoken, I like writing as much as reading. I will practically read any book on any topic.
-Discussion: I like following discussions as much as I like engaging in them. I am respectful of others opinions and open to other peoples views.

Anyways, hopefully you are up for the challenge of following along with my journal. I like meeting new people, so you can feel free to add me.

american analog set, andy warhol, arab strap, at the drive in, azure ray, belle and sebastian, berklee, bjork, black heart procession, blacktop cadence, blonde redhead, blood brothers, breaking pangaea, bright eyes, broken social scene, calla, camber, cat power, cursive, dead poet's society, death cab for cutie, deep elm records, desaparecidos, desert city soundtrack, donnie darko, earlimart, ecology, elliott, elliott smith, emerson, fugazi, godspeed you black emperor, grandaddy, green party, her space holiday, hot hot heat, hot water music, idlewild, igby goes down, indie rock, interpol, jejune, joy division, jsa, k records, knapsack, ladytron, last days of april, lewis, logh, longwave, magnetic fields, matador records, mates of state, mineral, modest mouse, mum, neutral milk hotel, new end original, pavement, pedro the lion, penfold, philosophy, photography, piebald, pinback, pop art, pretty girls make graves, radiohead, rainer maria, red animal war, rilo kiley, rival schools, saddle creek records, seville, sigur ros, sleater kinney, starlight mints, suede, the anniversary, the appleseed cast, the beatles, the decemberists, the faint, the flaming lips, the hidden cameras, the microphones, the polyphonic spree, the postal service, the rapture, the raveonettes, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, the simpsons, the smiths, the thermals, the velvet underground, the walkmen, the weakerthans, the white octave, this beautiful mess, ugly casanova, veganism, vegetarianism, voltaire, vue, waking life, wilco, yo la tengo.