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Sooo, 8 hours at work. Always fun. So not. What happens when i have a job where i do nothing and attend a school in which i still do not do anything is the below. These sorta things take me the span of weeks to normally finish... not to say it hasn't taken me that long to get 1/3 of it finished. But today i managed to finish it off. Must have taken 4 to 5 hours. I am going to stop making these sorta things unless i have entire days to kill. another example of what happens when i make so much free time
Tara turned 18 today. whoop whoop (copyright). After work i went to her hotel room. I brought my blender there so they could make margaritas and then i came home because i had 11 curfew, stupid parents. i intended on sneaking back out so i could spend a little more time with her and get the blender back, but my mom is watching me like a hawk. i came out here to get my cell and text tara and she like ran out the door looking for me, hahaha. So classic. I am so not going down tonight is what i have to say.
The weather was terrible today. It was in the mid 80's and sunny. I don't think anyone realizes how much i dislike the sun and the hot weather. I would rather have it hail on me than get sun burned and be sweaty. I guess my philosophy is that it is always easier to warm up than to cool down. I ran out of spf 50 too. Its hilarious, in the middle of winter i wear spf 50. But now the weather is like freakin' easter. At least during spring break i will be able to enjoy very very cold weather in europe. That is, assuming we don't go to war. If we go to war i am pretty sure the trip will be canceled. I guess they are giving Hussein until the 17th. That probablys means a decision will be made before we step on the plane, pooeee. I so want to go, i am day dreaming about england constantly these days. And i want to go back to scotland and resee all those places i saw so long ago. it will make me remember how i used to be, when i was at least half heartedly careless.
But i am not nearly sleepy now and being ushered off to my room in a way. I can't sleep anymore, because i keep thinking of how things could have been or how things can be. I don't like facing the present... i guess it comes with being a dreamer. I guess i will go read some, goodness knows i will not be coloring in little designs like the above, i am designed out. I hope you all had a nice saturday night and a nice remainder of the weekend. happy b day tara j. <3
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