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So um yea, hiya. I suppose i will make a public post. I have a new journal, if you can't figure out the username you are--simply put--an idiot. I am still going to be updating in here, i don't see any reasons why not to, but mostly because i belong to 10 communities on this journal and i don't want to add them to the new journ, it clutters my friends list. So i was just mentioning that on a side note. :)
Currently i am trying to think of what shows are coming up. Anyone have any suggestions?? Tara just asked me about Elliot (may 9th) and i am so there. I haven't looked at ticketmaster lately though. I am still really bummed about missing sigur ros...i am even more bummed about missing bright eyes and the faint. blah. I will eventually get to go to another show again, i swear. I am contemplating going to Coachella. Before i thought no, and now i am thinking my parents would actually not care about me going. The catch (other than the price)? I can only go saturday (assuming i can switch a day at work) because i cannot afford to miss an orchestra rehearsal, i am already missing half of them before the concert. Another blah.
And today. Well, today that cold i had came back to me. The bastard man. i have been told it lasts exactly 3 weeks and apparently i have not payed my dues, shucks. The neck is achey as well as the back, my nose is runny, my eyes are watering, my throat is driving me crazy. Blah for the third time. Grrr, the battery in my chordless mouse just died. Its has just been one of those days i guess you could say.
That is enough from me, i only planned on a short update. I hope the weekend was nice for you all and take care this week.
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