the silhouette the face always turned away (tofutoes) wrote,
the silhouette the face always turned away

Its weird when people you have met once and acted all superior to you that one time act all "buddy buddy" with you. Maybe the guy wanted an excuse to hug me, haha. Totally kidding. Sorry, boy, i am not a professional tennis player or model or rich girl you can live off of.
I just got a phone call from Marcail and the kids on the Lust Bus going to Hogue Barmichaels in Newport. Every seat was taken and people were drunk. They are all loud drunks. Haha, my bassist threw up already? And I am sitting here at work instead of at Hogue Barmichaels supposed first ever 'sold-out'show. Sighs, oh well. I am going to go to Coachella (saturday at least), weeee. I won't have to deal with people throwing up on buses there...ok, so i am trying to make the good look bad but it just is not working. Jesus I suck at this...
Wow, the street sweeper just went by. It is really loud out here today because there was some classic car show. I walked past most of the cars with Miss Tara J and went and got a jamba juice. <3. And I haven't hung out with Miss Kaci either...whats with that, Kaci?? People that work at target are busy folks I shall take.
My parents depart for their hiking trip to Machu Pichu tomorrow. That means I get to wake up early and take them to the airport, then practice my bassoon and go to a competition where I am going to get marked down points for not memorizing my music. Fuckers. Then i get to spend lots of "quality" time with my grandmother. At least I will have a car, and she thinks I am getting home after 8 every night. Thats a plus.
Thats a long enough update full of crap to satisfy your sleepy eyes. I am slowly going to be writting less in here, uh oh, better figure out what the blatantly obvious new username is. Haha. Have a nice night all!
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