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Who is yahoo mail to say that an email from W.A.S.T.E. goes into my bulk mail box. The f'in idiots don't know a piece of precious email from spam.
I almost totally got caught doing exactly what I wasn't supposed to do. The whole theory of 'it isn't bad until you get caught doing it" is true in the case of using the second computer down here at my work. So I am sitting here typing away and looking at stuff and I see my boss walk by and I go into flip out mode. 1) I am sitting there obviously using the computer that has a sign on it that says DO NOT USE THE COMPUTER!!! 2) Besides being on that computer, am tieing up her fax line by being online, which is probably even more of a no no than having the computer on. For some weird reason she wasn't looking through the window as she walked by and did not see me, she went and chatted to the lady right next to this shop that sells charm bracelets. Now I am sure that lady is a spy so I wait until 6 when she leaves to go online now. The boss came in here a few minutes later and all the evidence was discarded (comp shut off, line put away [which I had a hard time figuring out what to do with])and I was sweeping as if I was doing my afternoon cleaning. I wasn't about ready to be fired over a stupid computer. Blah.
And oh my, an Elvis look alike just walked by, wow. This guy had the look down to the hair and glasses, this town is creepy.
That one gay guy that came in here a few weeks ago still comes in here every day to see "his" jacket. Yesterday he told me to take it out of the case I made and said he was going to buy it, that definitely did not happen. Today he walked in here and looked as if he slept outside for 2 nights. He was twitching the worst I ever saw him (of the approximate 4 times he has come in), he seriously looked like he was about to collapse. I whiped off all the glass with disinfectant once he left, he drooled or something, gross. He was yelling and screaming something at passer-by's as he left. If he comes in one more time I am seriously notifying the boss, he is almost a stalker. He stole a lighter too, and the only normal pen I had left here. Grrr.
So yea, tomorrow I leave on a bus to LAX, then a flight to London Heathrow, and then from London to Coppenhagen, Denmark. I am going to be traveling an approximate 19-21 hours. Lovely fun ehh? Even more fun considering the girl I get to sit next to, thank god for CD players. I am not going to be getting any sleep though, I can tell already, I leave at 10:30 in the morning, I will have too many things going on to even try sleeping. And the sucky part, they are going to wake us up around 6 every day. When they told us this I said "you are kidding me, this is supposed to be spring break. I don't even wake up till 7:15 for school, how do you think you can manage getting me up?" I can't wait until we make it over to scotland though, I am going to take a picture with the Brave Heart statue in front of this one castle as I should have done 5 years ago. Jesus, it has been 5 years already since my first trip over seas.
Normally I would say if you email (look at my info) me your address or comment with it I would write you, but its a little late for that. But how about this, I will most likely find an internet cafe over then and if you post it or email me I will see what I can do... I will try checking my mail tomorrow morning so I just may be able to jot it down before I leave.
Anyways, expect to not hear from me until around the 22 or 23. I hope you all take real good care and handle the heat well. xoxo (kisses and hugs, not hugs and kisses ;)
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