the silhouette the face always turned away (tofutoes) wrote,
the silhouette the face always turned away

And so it is decided, actually, blatantly obvious, that I am a giant. Yes, I am a giant. Perhaps, more oaf?? Be the judge yourself, I am freaking huge. I never thought 5'9 & 1/2 was huge until today.

and so you see...

Lovely funny uniforms, eh?? That damn thing burned my neck, I was a red neck for a few days, hardy har har. Anyways, those are the gardens in Edinburg, we did a performance there.
And this is the band...well, at least a portion of it. This is the picture of the performance in the gardens.

we were about 80 strong, even if it does not look so

And here is where the band did the other little performance, it was a marching thing.

look off in the distance, at the volcanic rock...that is what the castle is built on, at the peak of it


Behind the band is Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark) where we also had another performance, but there are no pictures up of that one.

I bet you can't find me, I am truly lost in a sea of conformity


Anyways, that is enough pictures for now. They don't have many on the site and there aren't any of me anyways. They didn't even include my quote...they sent around a pad of paper asking people to write quotes and they included everyones but mine, the fuckers. I guess they didn't like my poking fun at the drummers stupidity for getting stuck in an elevator. Blah. Anyways, *waves*
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